What is Edema?

Edema is the medical term for swelling. It is a general response of the body to injury. Edema may be a consequence of poor circulation due to heart failure or inactivity.

Causes of Edema may include:

​• Post Knee / Foot / Ankle Surgery

• Poor Circulation

• Heart Failure

• Inactivity

• Venous Insufficiency

• Diabetes

• Long Air Flights or Car Travel

• Trauma: Sprains, Wounds, Injuries, Muscle Tears

A Lymphedema Therapy Center patient with bilateral lower extremity edema. (Pre treatment).


The treatment for Edema depends on the cause.

F​ollow your physician’s instructions on how to prevent edema and swelling, or ask your doctor to send you to the Lymphedema Therapy Center if he/she believes that we can help you.

Our expertise enables us to treat all lymphedema conditions as well as many types of edemas.

This picture is post treatment, three weeks later, at the Lymphedema Therapy Center.